Celebs in Denim: Sarah Jessica Parker in Current/Elliott



Actress Sarah Jessica Parker must be the latest celeb to have been gifted by Current/Elliott, as she’s now been seen in Current/Elliott Hickory Stripe jeans and in Current/Elliott baggy boyfriend jeans. I like the jeans on her in both instances, but I am not loving the denim on denim look above.



  1. Why do liberal celebrities feel obligated to shove their politics in our faces? As though I’m going to suddenly change my vote just because SJP has a cheesy sign on her cheesy vest.

  2. I agree greenfairie. Most celebrities are some of the least educated people in that area and I think it’s stupid for them to use their platform to endorse candidates whose policies they know jack about. I would love to hear a reporter actually ask them about something specific regarding either candidate’s agendas and make an ass out of them.