Celebs in Denim: Kendra Wilkinson in Frankie B. jeans

Star of “The Girls Next Door” and girlfriend of Hef, Kendra Wilkinson was spotted recently in Frankie B. Trouser jeans. Love the Gucci handbag too!


Props to HonestForum member hipslikemonroe for I.D.ing Kendra’s jeans!


  1. Hello!

    With that kind of heel, do they even flip and/or flop? That face sans makeup is disgusting.

    Also, I find it hilarious that the link to this blog on the makeshift HF main page right now is incorrect.

  2. Yeah we own denimblog.com too but Dave put the wrong one, when I see him online I’ll have him fix it.

    BTW, Sevenkid, I’m so honored you changed your website to ILoveHFblog. I’m blushing. P.S. Can I expect a WAYWT pic from you for Friday’s blog since I can’t access HF to find some there?! You could be a superstar!