Trend Spotting: Return of the 90’s – flannel with denim!


First the 80’s were back, and still are, but now we are seeing a major 90’s fashion comeback. First, the baggy jeans look, Ray Ban sunglasses, the grunge inspired flannel shirts, and Converse sneakers. What will be next from the 80’s/90’s era…denim overalls, scrunchies and shoulder pads? Oh dear god…

What other 90’s trends do you see making a comeback? And do you plan to adopt the new grunge look so many of the celebs are wearing?

Pictured above, Kirsten Dunst in Flannel. Below, Mary Kate Olsen in Flannel with ripped jeans and Jessica Stam in Anlo denim shorts with a plaid shirt.




  1. During the grunge era I had an awesome plaid flannel Betsey Johnson blouse. If they made it again tomorrow, I would so buy one. I also wouldn’t mind the ribbon cameo choker making a comeback either.

  2. i love vintage (read: ancient and soft and comfortable) plaid flannel shirts, paired with skinnies, and awesome boots. loose hair in waves and run out the door to class at 715 am.

  3. you know back in 2006 i was obsessed with Nirvana and and i liked how they dressed so i went to k-mart,macy’s and kohls they didnt have any flannel so one day i was at the thrift store and i saw a whole row of racks with flannel long sleeved shirts i bought like 10 and my sister said flannel is not comming back and i said yeah it is and look at it now…but i dont like that imitation flannel like expensive cotton jackets with the flannel destines on them and with the hood with fur…