Slouchy is the new Skinny.


We noticed it right away when Victoria Beckham wore them, now Reese Witherspoon, shown below in a pair of Current/Elliott boyfriend jeans, available at ELuxury, and yet again, Katie Holmes have been spotted in their slouchy, baggy jeans. And is slouchy the new skinny? Or is it just a good excuse for when you are having a “fat” day? Quelle horror!



  1. It looks horrible IMO. Those jeans make women with great bodies look dumpy, I can only imagine what it would do to me.

  2. Bad bad bad- I am not loving this trend at all- what is up with cuffing the bottoms? They must both have the same stylist telling them to do this. Katie needs to tuck her belly button in- maybe get one of those nipple covers and stick it on there lol!

  3. katie needs a better bra too, the outfit looks terrible, I am sooo agree about the belly button. ;D

  4. don’t knock the baggy jean trend… if done right it can be very sexy and quite stylish… but on the right type of person…

  5. I wear some men’s jeans because they don’t make the women’s version in my size. I buy as close to my waist size as possible so they look more like boyfriend cut or regular straight legs than baggy jeans.

    I have no explanation for why though these women who can fit into anything would want to dress like this. To be different this week I suppose.

  6. I guess I would like the baggy trend better if I saw someone who wore it well, but all these celebs have just looked dumpy in them.

    Victoria Beckham probably pulled it off best (and was one of the first to be spotted in baggy jeans) and her baggy jeans actually fit her, it was just shocking because we are used to seeing her in tight fitting clothes.

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