New from Diesel: The Ybo Wide Leg Cut

People who love Diesel jeans know that they were one of the original premium denim brands, with a long history of fabulous jeans. Personally, I jumped on the bandwagon late. I first became a fan of designer denim when 7 for All Mankind and Rock & Republic were the #1 jeans to be seen in several years ago.

Then one day, as I was killing time in the mall, waiting for a friend, I stopped in the Diesel boutique and tried on a pair. Oh. My. God. Where had Diesel been all my life? It has been around since I was in diapers practically, but perhaps I had never noticed it because the pockets weren’t sparkling with swarovski and the logo didn’t scream at you. They were FABULOUS, and fit like a dream. I loved the comfort of them and the understated style – so me. I am so not the swarovski crystals type anyway! Blech!

Today, while browsing their website, I spotted the new Diesel Ybo Wide Leg. I think I’m in love! I am so heading straight to the Diesel store tomorrow morning to try on a pair! But one question – why is the 008AA darker wash $70 cheaper than the 008RI lighter wash?

Has anyone tried them yet? Post your comments if so!

What do you think of the new Diesel Ybo Wide Leg Jeans?

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Diesel YBO Wide Leg Jean in Medium Wash


Diesel – Ybo (8aa Blue Wraparound) – Apparel


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  1. I like the lighter wash, but dark denim is so much more flattering and just looks classier. I own more dark denim because it looks better on me (and most people). I feel like lighter washes tend to look cheaper. Unfortunately I see a lot of lighter washes that I like, but I don’t purchase because I know they won’t be as flattering.

  2. The basic Diesel dark washes like 88z and 8aa tend to be cheaper because less detailing and distressing is needed then with a lot of the lighter washes.

  3. the darker wash is cheaper bc its denim in it’s almost purest state… aka raw denim… the lighter the wash the more expensive the denim bc its all hand done… ps: i just ordered the ybo and volver & i love them!!

  4. Just back from NYC as in less than 10 minutes. Saw these 3 pair of these jeans 2 dark 1 light. Definitely looks nicer in the dark. And WOW I saw more knock off (awful at that) Diesels than I’ve ever seen in my whole life these past 4 days.