Kim Kardashian takes on Brooke Shields!


Above: Vest by Armani Exchange.

Kim Kardashian poses for Radar Magazine’s homage to the classic (and notorious) 1980 Calvin Klein ad campaign starring a 15-year old Brooke Shields. In this photoshoot, Kim wears some of our favorite denim lines.

Said Kim: “If Paris Hilton thinks my butt looks gross I really don’t care. At least I have a butt.”

I’ll leave any possibly snarky comments about Kim to our readers. I mean, you go up against Brooke Shields, face of early Calvin Klein and fashion icon, and you better be ready to face a little criticism. Wonder what Brooke Shields thinks about Kim’s photoshoot!

Below: Theory Top. J Brand Bardot 4-Way stretch denim.


Below: White T-shirt from H&M. Denim by Rag & Bone.

Below: DKNY Pure button-down shirt. Bongo Fearless skinny jeans.

Below: Dittos Only the Lonely bomber jacket. J Brand Skinny Low-Rise jeans.

Below: Jordache jeans.

Below, last 2 photos: Serfontaine Trinity Boot Leg Jeans.


  1. Kim can always say, “At least I was an adult!” It’s shameful how Brooke Shields was hopelessly exploited as a kid.

  2. i say kim is better cusz she has a better shape then brooke buht brooke was more fit as a model beacuse she skinnyer lol no gay stuff

  3. This woman only wished she looked like Brooke Shields. Her body cannot compare to Brooke’s, who was tall, thin and well proportioned – not short, dumpy and comical like KK’s.