Justin Timberlake on My Name is William Rast: The Movie

I am so excited for “My Name Is William Rast“…the first in a series of videos to be rolled out online throughout autumn/winter 2008-09 for the premium denim and lifestyle brand of the same name established by Justin Timberlake and partner Trace Alaya in 2005. We will post the full videos here on DenimBlog as soon as they are available! Timberlake not only stars in the movie, he composed, co-wrote, and co-directed it. The movie features model Erin Wasson as Birdie and was directed by Jonas Akerlund.

Also, this is a video of Justin Timberlake and Trace Ayala on the creation of William Rast – and its kind of ironic to me. Do you think the jeans represent the country store they show in the video, at $200+ a pop? That country store reminds me of Wrangler, not William Rast. I’m just sayin’!