Celebs in Denim: Rachel Bilson in Paige Premium Denim and really weird shoes…


Rachel Bilson seems to love her designer jeans – she’s been spotted in all the major brands lately, most recently in these rolled Paige Premium Denim jeans! Now normally I think Rachel has pretty good fashion sense but what is going on here?! And check out the shoes, which are apparently Martin Margiela – thanks for I.D.ing them asdf & Nova!


Photos courtesy Pacific News Online and Celebutopia.


  1. Thanks for IDing the Margielas Nova & asdf, gave you props on the editted blog. Yeah I guess the shoes could be cool but I don’t like how she’s wearing them with rolled jeans, it just looks sloppy. Maybe I’d like them better paired with a different outfit.

  2. lol yes sorry about that! i agree i dont like the pants rolled up wear those hotties w/ a skirt or some skinnys!

    i would die for those shoes! 😉