Celebs in Denim: Rachel Bilson in Current/Elliott Boyfriend Jeans


Add Rachel Bilson to list of celebrities wearing boyfriend jeans this summer – this pair is by Current/Elliott, available at ELuxury. Do you like this new look the celebs are sporting? Check her out with her dog Thurmen Murmen wearing a pair, rolled like Katie Holmes. Something tells me she still isn’t wearing her Edie Rose line out. But maybe next month when her line comes out she will be wearing it.

By the way, Rachel says she can’t sketch so she won’t be drawing the line but that she trying to learn to sew. Hmph…sketching is wear the design starts. I guess she’s not really the designer, as is often the case with “celebrity” designed lines – they are really just putting their name on a product and that’s about it. I mean how in the world can you design if you can’t sketch OR sew?! I just wish more celebs actually had something to do with the finished product beyond slapping their name on it.



  1. That is so true! These celeb clothing lines are such a joke and I’m sad to see Rachel Bilson fall into that sell-out trap. I bet she’ll do a bunch of interviews too saying where her design influences come and how she worked so hard on the line *rolls eyes*

  2. she is a spokeperson for DKNY jeans and yet she dares to wear the rival brand? DKNY jeans never wanted her to be its spokeperson. it’s her, herself, who contacted the brand and said she would like to be a spokeperson. i don’t know if she will be immediately dropped out from the DKNY jeans after their pr seeing those pics.

  3. I love the fit of this jeans. I think Current Elliot has the best boyfriend jeans for the season.

  4. I like Lady GaGa. I believe she will be around for a long time. Did you know that she purchases many of her outfits at a resale boutique? Ya, she really does! I dig her outfits. Of course, she doesn’t buy all of her clothes at thrift stores, but a lot of her stuff is vintage clothing. She looks marvelous regardless of where she buys her clothes!