Celebs in Denim: Michael Phelps in Diesel jeans


Here’s Olympian Michael Phelps in Diesel Jeans. Sometimes Michael looks hot and sometimes….not so much. This picture has HOT Diesel jeans in it. But the swimmer…. not so much.

Oh and those shoes have GOT. TO. GO.


  1. I don’t think he is too concerned about his jeans or shoes. He cares about his sport and the fact that he won 8 Gold medals.. fashion is probably not a priority.

  2. At least he doesn’t have his sandals on like he been wearing for the past few weeks. I love him though…. way to go Michael!!!

  3. Michael Phelps wears size 14 shoes. Stylish size 14 shoes are very very difficult to find. Very few designers make good looking shoes in larger sizes so I think he is probably doing the best he can. Furthermore, he probably doesnt have a stylish to look around and find shoes for him so he probably finds the shoes he is wearing from the mall….

  4. Yeah, those shoes kill the outfit (especially the jeans!). Anyone know what cut and wash he’s wearing? Looks like Zathan to me.

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