Celebs in Denim: Katie Holmes in PRPS Baggy Jeans (again)


We don’t mean to beat a dead horse, but AGAIN Katie Holmes was spotted in those awful baggy jeans. Does she think she’s responsible for getting the baggy jeans trend started or something? No disrespect to PRPS, but we think these are men’s PRPS jeans, and they’d probably look hot on a guy, but on Katie, way too big. Girl, get some new jeans! Put your J Brand’s back on or something!



  1. damn her… i have wanted prps denim forever and have yet to find the perfect pair 🙁

    the sad part about katie is that she is absolutely stunning and owns gorgeous pieces, but does not know what pieces flatter her and the ones she has are very stylish… but they aren’t necessarily right for her… 🙁

    (i should talk lol) but yea… she just seems to make bad choices

  2. She is almost unrecognizable with her hair like that and the huge glasses. Hair looks like Michelle Williams’ cut and the baggy jeans idea were copped from VB. Does this girl have any originality?

  3. I want those jeans. They’re my dream pair. Are they men’s prps? Do they make that style for women? Perfect!

  4. Women PRPS boyfriend jeans are coming out this fall. What do you negatives know anyway! The boyfriend jeans are sooooooooo in! Jump on that wagon or get left behind! Can’t wait to gat mine!! Check out the ripped skinny jean by PRPS on Barneys or shopbop and then tell me about style.

  5. Ladies, Ladies, Ladies. Those are Tom’s jeans. I wear my boyfriends jeans all the time. Ladies jeans tend to smash you like a turkey. My boyfriends jeans looks better on me than him. And when we have the same brand but different wash/style on, we recieve so many nice compliments.