AG Adriano Goldschmied now has an online outlet store!


Every girl (and boy) loves a deal, especially when it comes to jeans! Premium denim brand AG Adriano Goldschmied wants to make shopping for your favorite pair easier and cheaper, with the launch of their online outlet store. AG Jeans (which boasts celeb fans such as Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba, Christina Ricci and Usher) knows we would rather sit in the comfort of our homes, one click away from the jeans of our dreams, rather than fight the traffic, lines, and catfights that are all too often associated with outlet shopping! Simply log on to and click to pick your favorite new pair!

Our top picks, the Legend in Dragon wash for girls, just $69, originally priced at $139 and the Prime in Honest wash for guys, just $89, originally $178!


It will be interesting to see if other top denim brands open up online outlets!


  1. I think if designer denim companies begin opening online outlets they will need to offer better discounts.

    I just purchased two pairs of AG denim, yesterday at the Barney’s Outlet here in San Diego, for $39/pair, regular price on these were $189.

    Food for thought.


  2. You can always find deals at Outlets and Barneys is a good one, but I still think the fact that AG is doing this is great, especially for people who don’t live near any major outlets, these prices are still good on some of the top styles of their jeans. You got a steal at Barneys. I think if AG went as low as $39 online it would cheapen the brand and you don’t want to do that, I’m sure the intent is just get rid of last season’s washes, cuts, etc.

  3. No, you’re right it’s good a path in the right direction, for direct designer online outlet sales.
    I am a huge fan of the denim blog and your access to information, I appreciate your follow up.


  4. HELP !! one of my AG jeans just tore
    I love them and want to buy another pair the numbers on the label are sua1013-rtn another number is #AG-5879 and also BW1757 The size I need is 27R I can be reached at emai above or my business phone 860-644-7161