Wrangler Jeans Sell for 49.99 Euros in Germany – WHAT?!


Okay, not to sound like a snob, but when I think of Wrangler, I think of $14.94 at Walmart and no way would I or anyone I am related to be caught dead in them. Maybe that was just a little snobby…anywho… I know that some brands, like Levi’s, are hot in other countries and are selling higher than they do here. Then I saw this ad, from Germany.

49.99 Euros = appx. $79 USD!

Omg! I’d hate to see what designer denim goes for over there!


  1. This is pretty embarrassing to mention, but where I live, in none other than Cowboy Country (Texas), Wranglers are still huge among the guys. I see a lot of people on campus wear them, especially on football game days, paired with our school colors and cowboy boots/hats. When I spoke to a friend who wore them, it seems like Wranglers are worn more as a symbol of the cowboy/western image than anything else. Certain cuts and fits don’t look all that bad, although I would never want my bf wearing them 😛

  2. But…

    There is also that premium Wrangler line they came out with here a few years ago where they were trying to sell them for $100 something. They were supposed to look like a vintage pair with the hue “W” and large leather patch.

    Those did not catch on, you see them in discount stores for 30-40 now

  3. Marc are you kidding? I never knew! That is NUTS!

    j1n1i14, I can kind of see that. But uh….not here in Sunshine state…. Unless you live in the sticks, it’s a NO GO! Gross!

  4. carhart is also a luxury brand in some parts of germany. quite crazy to see how different brands are marketed.

  5. Most people in other countries have a preference for classic American jeans like Levi’s or Wrangler.

  6. Dave are you serious? Carhartt? I’m laughing so hard I have tears!

    Greenfairie I know your right. My husband is a brit and he things wranglers are “wicked”. LOL!

  7. They might not be the height of metrosexual fashion, but I really don’t see what’s so funny about Carhartt’s. They’re mostly worn by blue-collar guys who need a durable pant that will hold up to a lot of wear. Hardy-har-har….

  8. Buddy, not only do you sound like a snob, you sound like a precious snob who thinks jeans have always been something for pretty people to pose around in. There are still folks out and around (and not just in the flyover states) who wear jeans because they are tough, easy to care for, and easy to move around in (that’s actually moving around, as in working.) Jeans serve all kinds of functions (and remember, their functional charms came first.) You seem to think they are a lot more limited than that.