Trend Watch: Big & Baggy Denim


You heard it here first when we spotted Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes in their baggy denim – now US Weekly is on the Baggy Denim watch too! Pssst, US Weekly, our sources tell us the jeans on Victoria are PRPS, not dVb, as we all originally thought!



  1. I don’t think this will catch on that much (or maybe it’s just me hoping), but that is not a flattering look at all and looks just as bad as when guys wear jeans 4 sized too big.

  2. I completely agree! I actually did this 15 years ago. Not something I wanna do again. I don’t get why girls wanna dress up like boys… I mean I was guilty of it too…. but then I got hip to it and started dressing girly.

  3. I will not be wearing the baggy jeans- it’s such a sloppy look…why would you want to look like you’re ‘busting slack’ lol?!

  4. because its about women empowerment. The boyfriend jean is not about what looks good to men, the boyfriend jean is about women wearing comfortable jeans and still looking fashionable. Unfortunately your haters. The boyfriend jean is cool, chic, and comfortable. think the flappers in the 40s used the lack of a form fitting garment to fight against the ideas of women.

  5. I used to have these khaki cargo shorts n some other pants that one of my exes used to wash for me then i came over n she’d be wearing them. For some reason I thought it was incredibly hot, different n so much more. i know its feminine to show the lines of a womans body, but a woman that can pull this off, is so sexy!

  6. I am glad everyone has its own style! …Imagine everyone wear the same? ..would be a dull world don’t ya think? 😉
    Just be yourself … with or without the baggy blues!
    Be creative in creating your own style!
    Actually i like the baggy jeans..if you indeed can pull it off in a feminine way, it even kinda look like innocent/relaxt/eccentric and sexy in my point of view!

  7. ok its 2010 nd its the end of july but im not sure if skinny jeans r still in style. I like the baggy look but skinnys r my favorite it looks a little more girly so really like r they still “in” or “out”

  8. I would rather wear baggy pants then wear SKINNY JEANS, That is why us girls wear these baggy pant, because we would rather dress in conformable pants then have pants up our asshole.skinny jeans is like a thong with legs!

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