Celebs in Denim: WWE stars in True Religion and Rock & Republic


Don’t call it a redneck sport – these boys wrestle in their designer denim! WWE wrestlers Batista and Edge sported their jeans on Monday Night Raw. Edge had on Rock & Republics and Batista is wearing True Religion. It warms a denim lovers heart when her guy even recognizes pocket designs on TV and tells her she should blog about it! I gotta say, I much prefer jeans on these boys instead of those ugly wrestling shorts.


Photos couresy WWE.com


  1. i was briefly watching this with my bf and i noticed it too. and i remember saying, “hmmm, at least they have good taste” haha.

  2. The wrestlers were premium stuff all the time. Edge always rocks Rock & Republic and True Religion while wearing t-shirts from the brands of Affliction, Salvage, Christian Audigier, Ve’Cel and Monarchy.

  3. Well, I’m hoping now that TR & RR have caught on to a bunch of rednecks wearing them w/ Timberlands we can see that their time is passing. I agree with you Infinite that w/ the “gaudy” part, I was never one for the shitty construction & fabric.

  4. Just when my friend/neighbor called me crazy for wrenching on his car in a pair of SFAMs – granted it was just a oil change on a Honda, easy as pie.

    And WWF is so juvenile…

  5. What the hell do you know? You probably have no idea what goes into this entertainment. Probaby have no idea about the training and effort taht is put into it. Until you bench 425 don’t talk to me.

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