Celebs in Denim: Victoria Beckham looking not-so-Posh in baggy denim!



This is not the first time Victoria Beckham has been spotted recently wearing super baggy jeans. Many of the celebrity fashion blogs are wondering, what’s up with Posh lately? She’s dressing more like David – and flip flops at Disneyland (below)? Unheard of for her!


I think I know the answer…could it be that Posh is testing out her new dVb line of men’s jeans on herself? Look at the dVb jeans David Beckham was spotted in recently – they look very similar! Or is Posh just trying to bring forth a “I-don’t-always-have-to-look-Posh” look? Good for her. She looks comfy…perhaps she’ll even crack a smile when she sees Mickey Mouse!


  1. The first time I saw the Disney photo I thought it was a little weird. It’s actually a very cool style, and she is certainly thin enough to pull it off, but it makes me wonder if she’s opted for it because she’s so thin.

  2. or following the trend, baggy jeans like that are apparently in this season, diesels just brought out a tonne of new cuts that look like tents.