Celebs in Denim: Rachel Bilson in Citizens of Humanity


Ooops she did it again. Rachel Bilson was spotted out in Beverly Hills wearing a pair of Citizens of Humanity jeans and not her new Edie Rose like for DKNY denim, again. You cannot hide those back pockets from us sister!



  1. She sure does. Makes me think she doesn’t have faith or heart invested in her line though. We are talking about how she ISN’T even wearing her own line.

  2. This reminds me of the time when all of these celebrities were promoting those Planet Hollywood restaurants back in the ’90s. The celebs were billed as “co-owners” (in return for stock and stuff in the company, they had to appear at openings) and supposedly had contributed home recipes to the chain. One of the prominent celebs involved was Arnold Schwarzenegger. When he was vacationing in Aspen, site of a Planet Hollywood, he was caught by the paparazzi getting his burger fix from a diner instead of the PH.

    Sheesh, at least Gwen Stefani, Lindsay Lohan, and Natalie Portman had the decency to publicly wear the stuff they signed on to.

  3. I read that her line doesn’t hit stores until September. Maybe it’s too early for her to start promoting. Besides, she gets photographed all the time, even when she’s just running errands or something else unimportant. I wouldn’t expect her to wear her own line, 24-7.

  4. I wouldn’t expect her to wear her line 24/7 either, but it’s only six weeks or so before her line is supposed to hit. You want the masses jazzed to buy it once the line is in stores, right? What better time than now to start promoting it? And as a frequently-photographed celebrity, she should know tongues will start wagging if she’s caught not wearing her stuff. Why else would she make that lame attempt to cover her heinie ;)?