Celebs in Denim: Mary Kate Olsen in Baggy Cutoff Shorts


What do we think of Mary Kate Olsen‘s look, shown leaving her boyfriends house here on July 13th in baggy cutoff denim shorts, oversized jacket and super high sandals. The Olsen twins have always had unique looks, but what does this one say?! Do you think the baggy jeans trend is going to include baggy jeans shorts as well this next season?



  1. Those sandals look like a pain in the butt to put on. I hate the look of baggy shorts and jeans because it looks untidy and unflattering on the figure.

  2. Why is this mutated munchkin considered a fashion icon or style setter? I hate everything she wears.

  3. from my experience. haha kidding.

    when Olsen Twins wear skinny jeans, celebritystyleguide and denimology all id them as custom made earnest sewn jeans.

    AndyK (from denimology) once interviewd earnest sewn and they confirm their skinny jeans are from them and especially custom made.

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