Celebs in Denim: Katie Holmes in PRPS Baggy Jeans


Katie Holmes was spotted out and about yesterday in Hollywood wearing those super baggy PRPS jeans again and a Juicy Couture hoodie. She usually looks so polished, I am not loving the super casual look on her. Is Tom brainwashing Katie so much so that all her good fashion sense has been lost? Say it ain’t so! At least this time she didn’t wear them pegged with sandals like she did before!



  1. There is a huge difference between casual and dressing just plain sloppy!! You can still dress casual but look tidy.

  2. I’m starting to think that Katie Holmes is a more sad celebrity than Britney Spears. The poor girl idolized Tom Cruise growing up and then he was able to take advantage of her. Now he is able to brainwash her into his cooky business. Look at pictures of them together now. They look exactly alike. It is like she doesn’t even have her own identity anymore. So sad.

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