Celebs in Denim: Blake Lively in 7 for All Mankind Shorts


When she is not in high-fashion costumes as Gossip Girl’s Serena van der Woodsen, Blake Lively shows off her legs. Bless her heart for that.

Blake’s (short) shorts of choice are 7 for all Mankind denim cut-offs. We are big fans of Lively – but what do you think of her fashion sense?

We know Gossip Girl Fashion is all the rage these days – but the show’s stars (such as Blake Lively) are awfully fashionable off the set, don’t you think?”


Agreed – I like her style! It’s sort of casual boho chic and fun!


  1. Oooh I love Blake’s style, as herself and as Serena on Gossip Girl! That boho chic look is so hot and 7’s always look good too. I love that casual style of the blazer with the short shorts, though I think it’d look even hotter with a couple layered necklaces for night.

  2. Love Blake in all the denim shorts. But then again she looks good in just about anything! Get all of my cutest shorts at DenimDrawers.com myself and wanted to share. I agree that sometimes adding some layer long chains can take the denim look to a different level. For those I go to BorrowedBling.com