Celebrity Denim Lines: Sheryl Crow for Bootheel Denim Co.


Sheryl Crow is set to launch her own denim fashion line this Summer. Sheryl will debut western/folked inspired new line Bootheel Trading Co in June. “I’ve always been kind of a jeans girl,” the singer says.

“I want to be able to provide a cool look for anybody, but particularly for those gals out there that have a fashion sense and want to feel good but can’t afford to buy the really high-end stuff.”

The twenty-seven piece collection has been developed by Sheryl’s personal stylist and inspired from pieces from the star’s own wardrobe. Retail prices range from $58 to $62 for bottoms, and $24 to $35 for tops.”



  1. That Sheryl is so amazing…can wipe her butt with one piece of toilet paper and find the time to have her stylist design jeans for her!

  2. I can’t wait to be able to purchase her jeans. Where will we ba able to buy her jeans and when? Thanks Alice Burke

  3. I have a couple pair of Boot Hill shorts and a couple pair of capris. ABSOLUTLEY nothing fits better…….and the feel is unbelieveable! ! Thank you Sheryl!