$10,000 jeans! Bling Bling!


What do you get when you put together some white gold buttons, an opulent magnitude of Swarovski crystals, a few diamonds for good measure? Oh I forgot to mention some premium denim! $10,000 jeans is what you get!

The Key Closet jeans premiered on June 26 at the Runway Magazine “Summer Splash” Fashion Show in LA at Boulevard 3.

I knew the cost of jeans was rising over the years but I think this is a bit much. I mean where do you wear $10,000 jeans too exactly, even if you are a celeb? I would think only to an MTV Awards show or a concert if you are a rock star perhaps! I suppose they wanted to make a pair of jeans with a price line that is unsurpassable.

“We are extremely proud of our $10,000 Jeans,” says Key Closet founder Michael Hong. “Our design team has created a true work of art that will appeal to those who create trends rather than follow them.” Thirty percent of the profits from the sale of the $10,000 Jeans will be donated to help build a primary schools for children in Kampala, Uganda, which is a great way of making sure you don’t fell guilty for dropping ten grand on a pair of jeans.

These jeans have buttons made of white gold on the back pockets. They are covered in more than 1,000 Tiffany-set Swarovski crystals on each pair, plus hand-drawn designs and one-carat diamonds on each back pocket. That’s 2 KARATS of diamonds on your JEANS. Bangin’ Booty Bling…Did I just say BOOTY BLING?

So are you the loaded individual ready to build a school in Uganda? Also, who do you say will be the first celeb to where these with intentions of good press and helping build schools…..Madonna? Angelina Jolie or maybe Cameron Diaz or Drew Barrymore?

Personally, I’ll keep my $10K and grab a bedazzler if I get the sudden desire to wear such bling on my booty!

If you’d like to see more, check out Key Closet Designs or e-Moda.