Celebrity Denim Lines: Paris Hilton for Dollhouse


Another day another celebrity fashion line right?

Paris Hilton will debut denim line with Dollhouse. Fitting I think. Paris Hilton is no stranger to designing clothes ÔÇö or rather, giving her approval on her clothing line ÔÇö but now she will also serve as model for the brand. The line will include skinny and wide-leg jeans, as well as shirts, dresses, and more ranging from $30 to $100. The pieces will first debut at Kitson, where the rest of Paris’ clothing is sold, and will head to Nordstrom and Macy’s this Fall.”


Who wants to bet $10 this line will be awful?! And since when does Nordstrom carry Dollhouse?

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  1. She is hardly succesful practically all she did was get born into the right family she is prosperous because of her moms and dads hard work, sure she is attractive but it’s proberly mostly plastic, and her attractiveness will be absent in 30 years time, I do like her songs and I think that the people who wrote her music for her and edited it so you cant hear her awful vocal have done a great job