Earl Jeans Re-Launches under former CEO of Calvin Klein

Interesting! From Earl Jean:

Earl Jeans is under new ownership of Arnold Simon, former CEO of Calvin Klein Jeans. Kelli Delaney is the Creative Director for Earl Jeans and she is also the Creative and Fashion Director for MEMBERS ONLY that just re-launched in January and it has been a huge success. We have already had an unbelievable response in the recent weeks of the re-launch. The editorial, retail, and celebrity attraction has been terrific. We are confident the new line is going to be a hit! Earl Jeans is the original skinny jean and the first denim line to have celebrity attachment. Who better to reclaim that then the ones who started it and with a whole new generation of celebrities. “

Check out some photos DenimBlog has exclusively obtained of the new Earl Jeans! What do you think? I really like the first pair of skinnies with studs and the wide legged pair! They will be available soon at Macy’s and National Jean Company.






  1. I think the stud pockets are a direct rip off of BLANK and the wide legs look exactly like Ginger Barbados….the rest of the collection is really funky and original though. Tres chic!

  2. back of the wide legged pair is kinda cute, but the front, and the wash suck.

    i’d rather wear a pair of the jbrand lovestory.

    earl jeans need to go back to 1999 where they came from.

  3. Back in 1999 I never understood the appeal of Earl Jeans and I still think they are ugly and overrated. My mom also tried on a pair years ago that looked decent and said the fit was terrible.