Celebs in Denim: Kylie Minogue in Rich & Skinny


I’d like to start off by saying I like these yellow Rich & Skinny jeans. (Yes I said that). They are outrageous and I love outrageous. I would like to end this by saying NO part of this outfit goes together.

Ms. Minogue, you have truly messed up in the fashion department today. Please try again. This is a big zero in my ratings department.

(Editor’s Note: These are expressly the views of blog writer Jessie, and not of Editor, Liane, as Liane would look like big bird in yellow jeans, but Jessie could totally rock them – that’s her style! We wondered if our readers can tell us apart by the things we love/hate!)


Images courtesy Celebutopia.net


  1. Gads she looks like a middle aged hooker.Revolting.But most of her clothes are as they lack individual personality.Come right of catwalk of designer room onto to her body.Must be right in fashion ,whether it suits her or not.Hardly a style setter like Sienna Miller.Kate Moss Kiera Knightly etc those women who have their own personality attached to their clothes.

    She does NOT “pull it off” thought she should take it all off and wear something that suits her ,for a change.

  2. full of botox,old….she is ugly and no fashion at all!! on the video they put on her photoshop thats why look good some times…skinny bitch size 8 and pretend to have big ass lol…..grow up…