Celebs in Denim: Britney Spears in William Rast


Perhaps instead of “Celebs in Denim”, we should start titling posts “Celebs who don’t Hem”. As we’ve asked time and time again, why do these multi-million dollar celebs insist on walking on their jeans, or doing this, ala Britney, above. Arrrrgh. Even safety pins would look better! Anyway, here’s Britney in her William Rast jeans. *Sigh*. She’s got the right clothes, she just doesn’t know how to wear them. Where is her stylist?!



  1. Wow, looking at that picture it looks like she’s about to say “BRAINS! I must… Eat… BRAINS!”

  2. Why do we care if they’re hemmed again? And do you know how badly some cuts would look if they were hemmed. Who cares, she’s walking around with unhemmed jeans like probably 80% of America.

  3. why did you delete my comment? ridiculous.

    cuffed jeans — especially selvage — were all the rage the last two seasons. the blogger clearly hasn’t been paying attention.