Black Market Denim Party Sting: Why You Should Not Buy Fakes!


You’ve got to watch this video – watch the whole thing, its about 4 and a half minutes long – and check out all the fake jeans these two were peddling from their home – over $300,000 worth! This video also explains exactly why buying OR selling fake designer merchandise is bad for all of us.

Why buying/selling fakes is bad:

  • Selling fake jeans (or any fake goods) is illegal!
  • Buying fake goods is not illegal but that is being looked at as a possible new law so don’t buy them!
  • Buying fake good supports terrorism – and there is evidence selling fakes contributed to the funding of the 1993 World Trade Center bombings!
  • Buying fake goods supports child labor!
  • Buying or selling fake goods from China takes jobs away from Americans!
  • Wearing fake jeans is tacky! (Okay so I threw that last one in there! But it’s true!)

Click here to see the full text of the story.


  1. “Buying or selling fake goods from China takes jobs away from Americans!”

    That doesn’t sit easy with me. It’s that “fakes-always-made-in-Asian-countries/ foreigners-have-intention-of-stealing-from-the-almighty-Americans” mentality. That’s just like saying illegal Mexicans and Central American immigrants “take” jobs away from Americans; most would be offended. The end of buying/selling fakes wouldn’t make a huge difference to how many jobs are available to Americans. In the end, our economy is in the same low state. Sorry if I’m not making sense right now. (Yes, I know fakes are bad and illegal, don’t get me wrong.) /rant

  2. That’s right, I’d rather have Americans make fake merch ;). Just kidding, I know what you meant.

    Honestly, part of the reason I buy premium denim is that it is better quality. The quality of fake jeans has to be CRAP. Bad fit, cheapo denim, and it doesn’t look right. You might as well buy some jeans from Old Navy or something. At least they will be better than these fakes.

  3. WT – I know what you are saying but the truth is most of the fake merch IS made overseas. I’m not saying anything about immigrants having jobs here – but according to this news story the fakes cost people in LA County alone 106,000 jobs. That’s a lot of jobs for immigrants and citizens alike.

  4. “Buying or selling fake goods from China takes jobs away from Americans!”?

    Most Goods are made in China anyways, and China’s the “world’s factory” no matter the goods are real or fake. America should worry more about import brands and talents for their money making industries.

  5. greenfairie – why do you think you’re so much better than people who live on a lower budget and shop at old navy? i buy jeans from there all the time and guess what? i look great. granted, that’s largely due to the fact that i work out and eat right and i can pull off pretty much anything. if you have a problem with the way you look in their jeans, it’s probably not b/c of the clothes you’re wearing…

    and in response to the article, do you think big name brands don’t use child labor and sweatshops? what world are you living in?