Apple Bottom is the #5 most searched denim brand on the web. Seriously.


Apple Bottom Jeans is doing well on the web it seems. The brand is the #5 most searched denim brand according to Women’s Wear Daily. Quite an achievement because the top four are Rock & Republic, True Religion, Diesel, and Guess! Can you believe it? To what do you think they attribute their success? Maybe its that song by Flo Rida…”Apple Bottom Jeans…Boots With The Fur…”. My guy asked me the other day what the heck Apple Bottom jeans were. UGLY I responded! Not to be a jeans snob, well…okay, call me what you will, but Apple Bottoms are hideous in my opinion, and just another reason why celebs should not attempt to design jeans. (Apple Bottoms are designed by rap star Nelly). How could #5 not have been 7 for All Mankind, Citizens of Humanity, or even Levi’s for goodness sake!

Would you wear Apple Bottom jeans, if they were the last jeans on earth?

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  1. perhaps it’s one of the most SEARCHED due to the song’s popularity and not to actually purchase a pair? my bf had to google it to figure out what that line in the song meant 😀 i wonder if it would do as well if there was some way to gauge online denim sales.

  2. i rather chose to wear a applebottoms jeans than to be naked!! just only my own opinion! but ofcourse im not forcing you guys to wear the applebottoms jeans,, it’s depend upon to your opinions!!


  3. omg i luv apple bottom jeans
    they r the cutiest things ever
    we had to look up wat they were to but now we r gonna buy matching pairs=)


  4. hi hater bye hater
    your lil flat ass wouldnt look good in them anyway
    avoid the embarrasment
    and dont put ab to shame.
    u have no taste

  5. This is quite a collection. i really love the apple bottoms brand, whenever i wear this kind of jeans, I become more sexier than the other and very attractive. for me apple bottoms is my favorite jeans, so just keep it up!


  6. Hey! it’s me again? I’m just wondering where can i find those apple bottoms jeans. i really want to have that jeans. hope to see more style of jeans in your post! keep posting!


  7. I thought I was the only one that thought this. I suppose that i am that demographic that it targets, but I always found them ugly

  8. Apple bottoms are for females with curves. They don’t look cute if you suffer from nasatal..”no ass at all” that’s for u hatters…u can also find them I macys…I’m mexican and I find them perfect for mine..

  9. I came across here on a search for apple bottoms. I agree they are hideously ghettofab. I’ve actually been searching and searching for pocketless ones, the apples on your ass look ridiculous. But to be honest, they are the best fitting jeans for a white girl with a huge ass and normal waist. They are low rise and don’t fall down, they actually fit my waist and butt. If only they would make a couple of plain classy looking jeans. Anyway, that’s my 2sense