7 for All Mankind’s Green Jeans: Yosemite Organic Denim


I know there are lots of our readers out there who are seriously dedicated to 7 For All Mankind!

Did you know you can slip into a pair of Seven’s that don’t support pesticide use? Yosemite organic denim is 7 For all Mankind’s first organic denim and the company is using the denim in several styles of skinnies, bootcuts, and more. 7FAM’s Yosemite is a non-stretch fabrication with subtle indigo fading weaved throughout the front and rear. Then its finished with green enameled hardware. They are available in both men’s and women’s styles.

These certainly don’t sacrifice anything in the way of Seven’s signature style. The more people who buy these blue (or rather green) jeans, the more dexterous the company will be to expand into ever greener pastures of organic cotton. Have you gotten a pesticide-free pair of 7’s yet?

Here are just some styles of the 7 for All Mankind jeans available in the Yosemite Organic denim:


  1. You simple can┬┤t afirm that a cotton is organic or not by testing.
    the pesticides are only used before the cotton grows. leave no trace of it.
    So, maybe, just maybe, your ┬┤┬┤organic┬┤┬┤ can be not so ┬┤┬┤organic┬┤┬┤.

    you can┬┤t test for it

  2. Still, it’s a step in the right direction? One can hope that 7 is doing their research on the sources of their “organic” cotton.

  3. If you want some Organic jeans you should check out Revel 7. That’s what their company is all about so you won’t have to worry about previous jeans being non-organic vs these jeans that may or may not be organic. I buy mine at Jeans.com and they do free shipping which is rad.

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