Victoria Beckham launches her dVb line at Harrods in London


Despite faltering sales in the United States, Victoria Beckham just launched the first global concession of her dVb denim line at Harrods in London yesterday. Do you think dVb will have better success in the UK than it has in the US?

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Her fashion rep tells FOX News there are “no plans” to promote in L.A.

“It’s a huge slap in the face,” says Kitson boutqiue owner Fraser Ross. “Her people told us that we won’t be getting an in-store appearance because Victoria was angry about all the negative press she got here and things I said. So instead of trying to fix it, she’s just snubbing us at a time when the U.S. economy really needs a boost.”


Photos courtesy Celebutopia.


  1. Really, how hard is it to hem them just a couple of inches? You can’t even see her shoes!