Trend Spotting: Metallic Jeans? Say it ain’t so!


Oh my. According to the latest edition of Nylon Magazine, the newest trend in denim is Metallic Jeans. Say it ain’t so! I have seen a few of our favorite brands coming out with new, shiny washes. Included above are names such as Cheap Monday, Earnest Sewn and Miss Sixty. Even Rich & Skinny (below) has come out with some new metallic washes!

What do you think of this trend? Will you wear Metallic jeans? I mean I loved the 80’s too, but this is makes me wonder if this isn’t going just a bit too far!


Will you wear Metallic Jeans this Season?

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  1. Just like BOLD colors, I don’t think this will really catch on. Sure, if you wear it with the right ensemble it will look good but they just aren’t practical enough to last more than a year.

  2. Diesel bought out a bunch of metalics last season (SS08) and i love them, id wear them if they werent so expensive, i tried on some bronze ones back in janurary in a store and they were really good, not to in your face and they dont make you look like a baked sausage or a christmas tree lol.

  3. metal love…not for me. It reminds me of how I love the idea of tongue studs and what they proclaim but not the reality of getting one of feeling that metal.