Revolve to Open a Brick and Mortar Store!

revolve.jpg calls itself the “best designer denim selection in the world”. Agreed. They have every major brand we could want, plus many smaller ones and unknowns that have killer denim as well. This is exciting – we can only hope that the in-store selection is as good as the website! You lucky California people you! Hope the store does well and they expand into other states as well!

E-commerce Store to Watch:
Revolve Clothing

Few independent e-commerce stores offer the volume of brands to earn the title of emporium, but La Mirada, Calif.–based RevolveClothingcarries more than 400 labels. That’s a number that approaches the depth and breadth of e-commerce sites operated by department stores.

By fall 2008, RevolveClothing will open a bricks-and-mortar store that will serve as an edited version of its Web site, according to co-owner Michael Mente. Located at 8452 Melrose Ave. in West Hollywood, Calif., the two-story boutique will focus on different themes such as eco fashion, Mente said.

The 5-year-old retailer also will continue its focus on new and emerging designers. RevolveClothing offers California fashion labels including Anzevino & Florence, Corey Lynn Calter and Orthodoxalong with designers such as Catherine Malandrino and popular brands such as Ed Hardy. The retailer’s will to take a risk on so many new designers is increasingly rare, said Eric Niccoli, creative director of Los Angeles–based Orthodox.
“They have a comfort with risk,” Niccoli said. “They just go for it.”

The benefits of launching new labels do not always come immediately, however. “Sometimes we’re nervous about it,” Mente said. “But when they do well, it’s really fulfilling.”