One more attempt to stop the fakes


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At least one company’s so annoyed with getting knocked off that they’re taking serious anti-counterfeiting measures –

Rather than relying on police cracking down on fakes, Loro Piana’s decided to make their goods un-fakeable.

They’ve created their own metal ring bearing the Loro Piana logo that’ll be sewn into each of their cashmere products. The rings will be engraved with an identifying serial number that can be used to trace the origins of each product, down to which piece of fabric it was cut from and which batch of yarn was used to weave its raw fiber.

We think their initiative is great, even though we think it would be fairly easy for a counterfeiter to just throw any old number onto a metal ring to make the scarf appear genuine at first glance, but then again, maybe the process would just be too expensive to make the fakes worth it.

(In other counterfeit news, we hear Forever 21 is about to be embroiled in a huge fake-related battle – a tipster says an LA lawyer is “representing a handful of names bringing some big suits against them” – care to take some guesses?)”

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Does anyone else think this is similar to Louis Vuitton using serial numbers in their bags? The fakers can just do what this blog stated above and slap any old number on there. Will this help stop counterfeits, and do you think denim-makers will try something similar any time soon?

And on the part about a Forever 21 lawsuit, I am surprised that hadn’t happened sooner – I constantly see L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani rip-offs in Forever 21’s, as well as handbags that look like designer knockoffs of Birkin’s, etc. That one was just a matter of time.


  1. I commend them for trying but I wonder how long it’ll be before the counterfeiters just copy the metal rings.

  2. I bet these metal rings will be made in China. I say it takes about a week before the fakers get their own metal rings on fake garments. Besides, the law can’t do anything about fakes, if the companies don’t assist the law. But a lot of these companies wont because they manufacture in China, why rock the boat in China when for the cost of a few fakes here and there, they get to manufacture on the super cheap, sell at super high margins and make way more money. Forget first world production, it’s all about made in China.

  3. forever 21 has actually been quite smart abouth their look alikes. they have people at every show at every fashion week sketching and stealing designs. they can have their version produced and in stores before the originals hit the market. the look for less. there’s no expectation that you’re buying the actual name brand piece and no logo infringement so these cases will likely lead to a slap on the wrist if anything. just the cost of doing business for forever 21.