New Arrivals at Rock & Republic

While recently browsing over at Rock & Republic’s Online Store, I noticed lots of new arrivals. They include new jackets, handbags, skinny jeans for men, and new washes. Here are just a few. Thoughts?

And do you think they are jumping on the skinny jeans for men trend too late – or are guys still wearing skinnies much? My guy will only wear bootcuts, but I’m not sure about the rest of the men out there!


Rock & Republic Clayton Jacket


Rock & Republic Cosbie in Kissoff Ink Blue


Rock & Republic Kassandra in Satisfied Intent Blue


Rock & Republic Colburg in Tangled Blue


Rock & Republic Gia Satchel


  1. I don’t know why the bothered making a mens skinny, the only guys who would wear them are queens who were buying the girls skinnys anyways.

  2. Lots of guys wear skinnys, i dunno if they would in RR though its possible. I love those kassandras though i think the pocket designs really pretty 🙂

  3. and i’m officially turned off of R&R 🙁

    C_A what about all the diesel/dry denim guys who wear skinnys? no one minds that

  4. That particular pair is just not flattering on the model. Some guys do look good in slim cut jeans but I’ve yet to see any guy looking good in skinnys.