More designer denim brands coming out with shorter inseams!


We’ve always loved that Diesel (carries inseams at 30″, 32″ and 34″) and Joe’s Jeans (the Provocateur style) carried shorter inseams for those of us who are not of supermodel stature. But now, increasingly, 7 for All Mankind is offering jeans with shorter inseams as well. Finally! ShopBop has an entire category dedicated to Jeans for Petites. I am 5’7″ – so not exactly petite, but my legs are not super long either. I have to hem all my jeans that are 34″ and longer so I would buy the 7 for All Mankind Jeans that have a 32″ inseam which would be perfect on me. I have a feeling many girls are like me – not short but not super tall either, and could wear these that have 32″ inseams. Love!

Would you buy petite or shorter length jeans?

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  1. this is amazing!!! such great news! i always end up spending extra $$$ to get my jeans shortened, so this makes me really really happy. i will be spreading this news with many friends! you should tell serafina blog — they would probably like to know this!

  2. wow awesome news! unfortunately, i might still have to get my jeans hemmed if i want to wear them with flip flops or flats. i hate being 5’4” 🙁

  3. Wow 84% so far say they have to hem their jeans. Kinda makes me think designers should do 32″ inseams standard and make “special” longer inseam jeans for the taller girls since the majority of us are not tall enough to not hem our jeans! 32″ should be the standard, not 34-35″!