How to be an awesome eBay shopper!

So we all know and love eBay for our designer jeans – but do you know how to shop eBay safely and be an awesome buyer at the same time? A few tips you should know.

#1 – Make sure what you are buying is the real thing! There are a ton of guides on HonestForum that teach you how to recognize the real stuff from those ugly fake jeans. Do your research!


#2 – Alternatively – shop from our list of authentic sellers– do you know where it is? Look to the right hand side of the blog, at the very top of the blogroll – we’ve started a list of sellers who are known to sell only authentic jeans and we are very selective about those we put on this list. Go to the blogroll and if you click on these links, they will take you directly to that seller’s items on eBay! It looks like this:


#3 – Always pay with PayPal using a credit card. This gives you two safety measures – first of all you can file a dispute with PayPal if you don’t receive your item or it turns out to be a fake, and secondly – if you pay with a credit card, you can dispute the charge.


#4 – Leave the seller honest feedback. Since eBay’s recent fee increase, its more important than ever to Sellers to get positive feedback, so if you love your jeans, give the seller praise and a full five-star rating (those are important because eBay gives sellers with good detailed seller ratings a discount on fees!) And if you don’t love your jeans – give the seller a chance to refund you or work something out before leaving nasty feedback (unless, of course, they are obvious fakes!)


Now get out there and have fun shopping!

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