Dittos Jeans Sale @ HauteLook on Tuesday!


So maybe you have the back-to-work blues today because its the Tuesday after a long weekend, but this should make your day! HauteLook, a member’s only private sale website, is having an online sale today only on Dittos denim! If you haven’t tried Dittos before, I suggest you check them out. I bought a pair recently and I LOVE them. The pocket placement on the front of these draws the waistline in and I get a lot of compliments on mine and how thin I look in them. Love to hear that!

Below are some exclusive pictures we obtained of some of the styles that will be available at the sale!




  1. yeah, hautelook.com is great. i bought some great habitual jeans from there a while back. they have all kinds of stuff though. i bought an amazing thomas whylde bag there too and they’re having a diane von furstenburg sale. : ) i love it.