Celebs in Denim: Melanie Griffith in Rock & Republic and Sharon Stone in Blue 2


Just because you’re a slightly older celeb doesn’t mean you have to wear mom jeans! Here are actresses Melanie Griffith and Sharon Stone shopping on Robertson Blvd recently, both sporting their designer jeans. Melanie is wearing a pair of Rock and Republic’s and Sharon is sporting a pair of Blue2’s. I find it hilarious that Melanie is trying on dresses over her clothes… Hey Mel, ever hear of these newfangled things called fitting rooms?!




Thanks to AC421 for I.D.ing Sharon’s jeans.

Props to Jessie!!! for writing this blog!


  1. lol i also sometimes try on jackets or cardigans over my clothes if i’m in a hurry, but i’ve never done it with dresses 😀