Celebs in Denim: Heidi Montag in Heidiwood


Does anyone else just hate media-whores Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt of the Hills? UGH. Anyway, here’s Heidi in her Heidiwood jeans for Anchor blue.

Does anyone else think the winged design on Heidi’s jeans look like a bad rip-off of the Rock & Republic Chroma pocket design?!



  1. I saw the Heidiwood collection the other day when I went shopping, and most of the pieces were trashy and overpriced. They all looked to be of sub-par quality and you could probably buy the exact same items at Wet Seal/Charlotte Russe/Forever 21 for a quarter of the price.

    I’m surprised her jeans got a nod as designer denim. They felt like jeans you could buy at the dollar store.

  2. the only thing that would look good on that girl is a horse bit (and not the Gucci kind). Those jeans are ugly, I imagine they are like the brand MOTO smashed together with Garage.

    I cannot believe how much attention the girls from The Hills (is that what they are from? I believe so anyways) are getting.