Celebs in Denim: Eva Longoria in Rock & Republic

Celebs Eva Longoria and Tony Parker cuddled outside a movie theatre in Hollywood on April 30th. Eva is wearing a pair of Rock & Republic Cosbie’s in Twisted Black.



  1. I love the vest and scarf too, well the outfit looks good, i just dont think R&R flatter her figure all that well.

  2. i don’t like how the back looks on her. it kinda make them look like she’s wearing mom-jeans. 🙁 blech~

  3. You need to start giving credit when another member posts photos and you use them in your blog posts… you didnt find these

  4. People should really look at time stamps of posts before assuming such things.

  5. I dont like them 🙁 Looks like she took them in at the waist or something and the pockets are all funky.. Unless theyre supposed to be like that. She’d look great in a pair of crowns or regular R’s.