Celebs in Denim: Alanis Morissette in J Brand


Singer and actress Alanis Morissette was recently featured in the May 2008 Venice Magazine wearing a pair of J Brand Lovestory jeans. Love her! She’s got such a natural beauty about her.

On another note, I tried on the Lovestory in the Ink wash today at Saks Fifth Avenue. Oh My GOSH! These things are AMAZING. If you haven’t tried on a pair yet, you must – seriously! They are super slimming and make even my flat booty look good! There are no fancy logos on the back pockets, they just fit like a dream. My only complaint – pleeeeease J Brand, come out with these in shorter inseams! I can’t wait a whole week for Saks to hem mine, I want instant gratification! *Sigh*

One Comment

  1. post up a picture when you get them back! 🙂 i’m dying to try on a pair myself… and i love seeing members in their own jeans! they usually end up looking better than the models 😉