Are the days of expensive designer jeans numbered?


We’ve blogged in the past about how Posh’s dVb line has been relegated to fashion’s basement. The now not-so-posh have been marked down to $30-$60 at discount retailers. Many of our readers agree, the dVb line’s quality is not as good as other high end denim brands out there, and the materials feel cheap.

Will the economic crisis in the U.S. have an impact on these top-dollar goods such as designer jeans? I don’t think the days of QUALITY designer denim are numbered, only cheaply produced denim, like Victoria’s dVb brand need worry. Basing all of this on dVb’s faltering success would be very presumptuous to assume all designer denim will end up the same way. Quality will always demand and usually receive what it’s worth. If it feels cheap, it probably is and that’s what I think the problem is here.

Will the U.S. lingering recession take down the prices on all premium designer denim lines or is it really a quality issue? Have you cut your spending on premium denim due to the economy being depressed?

Props to Jessie!!! for writing this blog!

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  1. Recession generally doesn’t effect the wealthy, people with money will always have it. I think we will however see the middle class folk who have been driving luxury sales these past few years tone it down a bit. Besides, denim has been such a super hot comedy these last 5 years. Even regular people these days have 5-10 pairs of designer jeans, and for the regular casual wearer thats pretty much enough. If you work in an office all week, you only get to wear your denims on the weekends, or some other social occasion, so you won’t see these guys loading up on the jeans.. Every bubble has to burst, and these are the time when you will only see the strong survive. You won’t see to many of these pop up trend brands survive. This is exactly why you see brands like R&R and True Religion desperately trying to branch out away from denim. (With little success) Their problem is introducing a brand new product a cache prices isn’t exactly going to excite consumers to go there way.