White Denim: Can White be Right?


I am so scared of wearing white jeans – or any kind of white pants, really. I guess its the theory that white maximizes the booty, whereas black or dark colors minimize.

According to InStyle Magazine’s article “White Done Right”, anyone can pull of the look. What do you think?

Will you wear white jeans?

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  1. PPD actually makes 34 which is 14-16… In general I think 14/16 is considered plus size (that’s where lane bryant starts their sizing), so I don’t think that InStyle is too far off…

    But regardless, it doesn’t matter. Wear the Paiges (or whatever) whether you are a 0 or a 16.

  2. Right, but the Paige 34″ actually runs small, especially in the legs and hips. I know, I’m a 14-16. Most plus sized women are at least an 18 or 20 anyway, regardless of where the fashion industry or retailers draw the line.

    PPD does make a plus line 14W-24W that is a Nordstrom exclusive, but unfortunately none of them are in white.