BLM14 gets interviewed by TV station about Fake Designer Denim


Big props to BLM14 for his interview with Channel 7 News in Boston, MA. Its about time people started paying attention. Whether it is designer denim, handbags, jewelry, what have you, I think the entire ‘fake’ industry needs to be taken a bit more seriously. I, for one, am sick of seeing girls and guys sporting fake designer clothes and bags. Maybe reports like this will help people to understand just how nasty fake designer items are. What are your thoughts on fake designer goods?

Have you ever intentionally bought a fake?

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If you spend big bucks on your designer jeans you will want to see this. 7’s Style Reporter Gretta Monahan shows you how to spot copies of your favorite designers and avoid getting duped by denim in “Gretta’s Got It.”
Gretta Monahan:
“When it comes to fashionable fakes, bogus bags are not the only things that are being knocked off.”

Designer denim is the newest fashion must thats being faked.

Gretta Monahan:
“So, to make sure you next pair of pricey jeans are real I get some help from a pro.”

Ben May has turned a hobby of finding fakes into a business of buyer beware!

Ben May:
“The top three designer jeans being knocked would be Diesel, True Religion and Seven’s. Although even jeans like Levis and GAP are being faked to a certain degree too.”

Gretta Monahan:
“A lot of times its hard to tell what’s being copied. So the first thing you should look at, is the label. This is where a designer puts their secret signature stamp.”

Designers for True Religion and Diesel, put a little piece of metal in the inner label with the brand’s name.

Ben May:
“And its very hard to see with the naked eye but if you look closely you’ll see words spelled out in it.”

Fakes substitute that signature strip with a plain metal one. Look at the shopping tags, bootleggers will forge them too!

Gretta Monahan:
“Pockets and stitching may seem like an obvious place to spot a sham but you gotta look close.”

Ben May:
“And stitching is harder to identify without practice, if you’re just looking at a fake pair. Unless you see side by side.”

So, can you pick out the real pair of Diesels?

Ben May:
“This is a very good fake. These are the fake ones.”

Side by side, the stitching sold them out.

Ben May:
“There are some sort of threads hanging off in the middle there a real pair would have had.”

You also need to pay attention to the color, pattern and texture. Fake jeans are made by a machine.

Ben May:
“The streaking is much more uniform and much thicker. The fake ones are much more bleachy looking.”

With the real ones, the streaking is thinner and done by hand.

Ben May:
“The real ones are much more uniformed.”

Ben says for jeans with bling, many of the higher priced brands use real crystals; the fakes lack the luster.

Ben May:
“These are just little round bits of plastic you can tell very easily.”

Just keep in mind, fashion is constantly changing and so are the security measures designers create to outsmart counterfeiters.

Gretta Monahan:
“So the best way to avoid getting duped by denim. Ask the store if they are authorized to sell the brand you want. I’m Gretta for Gretta’s Got It.”


  1. Does anyone have a video of this? I would love to see what fakes he used. I sent him a couple fakes to use a few months back.

  2. More poll options?

    How about include:

    no, but its ok if others do
    yes, accident
    yes, but regret it