The Art of DVB denim


From the Over the Rainbow Blog:

Whether you dress it up, or dress it down everyone denim is probably an important part of your wardrobe. Most of us probably take our favorite pair of jeans for granted. For those of you who have stopped and wondered “how did they make this?” it’s your lucky day, DVB denim, gives its fans an inside look at just how much work goes into their favorite pair of DVB jeans.

Denim by Victoria Beckham (dVb debuted their first collection during Fall 07, with Over the Rainbow being one of the exclusive merchants for this new brand in Canada. Being an international superstar always in the public eye, anything involving Victoria Beckham is sure to get a lot of press! The launch of her new denim line created some media controversy regarding quality and fit. As a merchant of premium products for three decades, Over the Rainbow only carries the finest denim products; we maintain that dVb Denim definitely meets these standards.

To dispel any falsehoods about dVb Denim, we decided to go to right the source: their production factory. We sent a correspondent to the Western Gloveworks factory in Winnipeg to see how dVb Denim was made. Anyone who remembers Western Gloveworks knows that we used their facilities as the backbone for our featured blog segments entitled The Art of Denim. It’s only appropriate that we bring it back to show fashion consumers about the virtues of dVb Denim and how QUALITY the product really is!

Western Gloveworks uses the same production methods from their other premium brands to construct the dVb Denim collection. Blueprints are drawn and tested, fabric is cut by hand, and then distributed to over 30 different sewing departments. With each piece carefully constructed, the finished raw jeans are inspected by quality control before being sent to the washing facility. Each jean is washed using calculated wash formulas and sanded by hand to give it more character. Another quality control person inspects the jeans after washing and only the approved items are shipped out to retail stores.

The new Spring 08 collection of dVb Denim was made with same quality production practices. The new lineup experiments more with colour and distressing, giving a more rugged and vintage feel to the jeans. These added characters mixed with a variety of bootcuts, wide legs and straight legs make dVb Denim a strong fashion forward jean for the springtime!”

What do YOU think of dVb Denim?

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  1. Eden… I know what you mean… Honestly the first pair of dvb i saw was on Victoria and they were white skinny leg jeans with red stitching and detailing and those plain dvb pockets. If she did a line like that i’d be super excited

  2. i love the dVb range; they fit me well and i think that as time goes on the styles will evolve. i only wish the price tag were a bit less….

    the first jeans were white skinny with signature pockets; the stitching was pink…..lovely!!

  3. Where can i buty them?
    Second, the inseam is a 35 ladies, that means that the tall women who like to wear heels can still wear jeans…….