New York police crack down on those icky fakes in Chinatown!


Back in February I was in New York, and I went on my first visit to Chinatown. The food was good, but other than that I couldn’t figure out why exactly I went – I was totally disgusted by all the fakes that line the streets. I am so happy to hear this happened! Maybe this will start to rid the market of just a few of those icky counterfeiters – if they keep this up, maybe denim fakes will start to go away too. They need to have stiffer penalties for these infridgements on copyrights and trademarks – seizing them is great, but the trademarker holders need to sue these people too and put them out of business so it can’t continue.

Yesterday morning, New York City police officers seized more than $1 million in knockoff accessories and fragrances bearing labels like Prada, Fendi, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, Calvin Klein, and Coach.

Three buildings were raided on a block in Chinatown formed by Canal, Walker, and Centre Streets, which housed 32 storefronts illegally selling fake goods. According to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, this is one of the largest raids on trademark copiers in the city’s history, following a seizure of $45 million in counterfeit merchandise back in 2005.

Article from FabSugar.

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  1. You haven’t experienced Chinatown NYC if you aren’t around when the cops come driving by on Canal Street. Ladies pushing carts full of bootleg DVDs run like hell and shopkeepers quickly hide their fakes or even pull the metal doors down. Once I even saw the police chase a young woman carrying a bundle of cash in her hand. It was awesome.

    Personally, I’m not big on fakes. Most of them are cheesy and there are few things more annoying than to see a perfectly serviceable bag or scarf or hat marred with an obviously fake designer logo on it. Once I did buy a phony Kate Spade bag, not because I thought, “Oooh, Kate Spade knockoff!” but because I liked the bag in spite of it being a fake. It looks nothing like a real Spade bag but it was cute nonetheless. The Kate Spade label was nothing more than a sticker! So I happily peeled it off.

    I can only imagine what fake designer jeans must be like. Yuck!