New washes from Rock & Republic

Rock & Republic has come out with a bunch of new washes – here are the good, the bad, and the what-the-hell-were-they-thinking! Your thoughts on the new washes?

Cosbie in Reaction Level Blue – Rock and Republic Official Store – this one is the “what-the-hell-were-they-thinking” wash! Rainbow, really?!?!

Berlin in Catalyst – Rock and Republic Official Store – this wash looks like a fake straight outta the 80’s!


Kasandra in Ruthless Bolt – Rock and Republic Official Store – Nice!


Ruby in Cappio Classic Blue – Rock and Republic Official Store – Very 70’s but nice!


Vetter in Infinity Mix – Rock and Republic Official Store – I don’t love this one…


Jaguar in Modest – Rock and Republic Official Store – not bad!


Kasandra in Society Blue – Rock and Republic Official Store – a bit light for my taste but not bad!

What do you think of these new designs?

Thanks to ntegragsr93 for this blog topic idea!


  1. the only one that really impresses me is Modest. Rock and Republic comes out with some of my favorite medium blue washes 🙂

  2. Yea…. the rainbows are a bit much HOLY HELL lol it’s like BAYUM in yo’ face!

    Catalyst Berlins are ugly imo, but i’ve seen more and more people starting to wear those 80’s ish early 90’s ish washes. I don’t get the attraction…

    Kassandra is Ruthless Blue is not bad

    Cappio Clasic Blue…. makes me want to puke on them and light them on fire.

    I LOVE the infinity mix vetter but their skirts are wayyyyy to short for me

    modes and society blue are both nice

    yea not good choices R&R is really losing it’s stamina… i’m moving away from them little by little

  3. R u sick??!!! Catalyst rules and as for the Rainbow…way to go for pushing the envelope…that how you set trends not boring like the rest!!! The rest of them are so typical, why pay more if you don’t stand out.

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