New Rock & Republic Bootcut Jeans – Yay or Nay?


What do we think of these new Rock & Republic Vato Bootcut Jeans? The wash is nice, but the pocket colors are way too…well, pink and blue. These colors would work better on a pair for little girls… Agree or disagree?

This blog written by the Editor, WeLoveDenim.


  1. …. Yea that’s a big NO!
    Plus they did a TERRIBLE job with the stock photo… that model needs to size down! They’re just hideous all together. The wash is so boring and the back pockets r loud and ugly *puke*

  2. Yeah…they look like mom jeans. The wash, paired up with the back pockets make them look cheap. The model also needs to size down, look at the loose thigh areas.

  3. Please. They are bootcut jeans. No. Enough said. No matter how many idiots yell that they would rather keep wearing bootvcut, no normal person will wear them. No flares. period. And the model doesn’t need to size down. they are not supposed to fit exactly like bottcut jeans(thats the terrible tight to the knee then flare out jeans that older women wear in the suburbs. They are supposed to be a bit like wide legs. A little bit cool at least.