HonestMall Advertising Contest – The Results Are In!


There are so many extremely talented individuals over at HonestForum who entered the HonestMall ad contest that our fearless leader, Dave, has decided to give everyone who entered a free 2 year HonestForum Pro account, a $19.95 value! Here are just some of the fabulous entries received -they were all so good, we couldn’t just pick one! Oh and check out the video created by Natalie M., who will receive a $75 prize! Nice work everyone! And now, hit up the new HonestMall!

Honestforum from Natalie M. on Vimeo.

honestmall advertisement





honestmall advert


anoter honestmall advert

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  1. MGoose, re-read the first paragraph ” Dave, has decided to give EVERYONE who entered a free 2 year HonestForum Pro account, a $19.95 value!”

    I like all of them, they are GREAT, super props!!!

  2. How can i be a HF Pro?i paid $9.95 for becoming a member of HF/Now how much do i have to pay more to become a HF PRO?

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