DVB denim line not dropped by Kitson & Fred Segal afterall!


On Monday, the worldwide web was crazy with stories that Kitson and Fred Segal had dropped the DVB denim line, created by Victoria Beckham. We announced it too after reading it – and it makes sense since the DVB line does not seem to be doing as well as other premium denim lines. But apparently this story was partially untrue – oooops! We apologize to our readers and here is the real story…

People.com claims to have spoken to Kitson owner, Fraser Ross. He is quoted as saying “She’s not supporting the line. It’s not good for her brand and not good for her endorsements. In a tough economy, you need to be in partnership with the people that are selling your line to your fans” however he confirmed that he is not dropping the line “We haven’t dumped it. Hopefully there will be some kind of resolution.” So while the line isn’t dropped from Kitson, it’s definitely not performing up to expectation either – and people are blaming Posh.

And it’s not like she’s not nearby. Ross tells PEOPLE that “Victoria lives fifteen minutes from the store. That’s just bad business.” However Kitson has not given up hope yet. “We haven’t dumped it. Hopefully there will be some kind of resolution.”

If you visit Kitson, you’ll note they still have a full selection of dVb denim. Fred Segal reportedly is still carrying the line as well.

Story & image courtesy of People.com


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